About Us

Our deepest desire, a life mission, is to propagate the Gong sound all over the world, for anyone who wishes to open their heart to this powerful transformative vibration.

A number of years ago, Tom Soltron (Tone of Life) and Johannes Heimrath (Sona Sound) joined forces to create not only captivating looking but, above all, amazing sounding gongs. The great sound quality of these powerful instruments was and still is the overriding goal of their creation. Our desire is to bring the experience of the sound of the Gongs beyond what one can see, and into the great potential that lies beneath the surface, because the true value of a great Gong is not determined by its appearance, but by the sound. Through years of experience, continuous development, daring vision, open hearts and co-operation between the creators, Tone Of Life Gongs are reaching the hearts of people all over the world. Today our Gongs can be found in every corner of the globe, where they resonate with incredible power!

Tom Soltron Czartoryski

Founder and creator of Tone of Life Gongs, the highest quality instruments. Sound visionary, healing sound artist, multi-instrumentalist Shaman. He designs and creates musical instruments for parks and public spaces. He has recorded 8 CD’s with music for self healing and inner Journey.

Johannes Heimrath

Master/ Gong Maker of all Tone of Life Gongs made in Sona workshop, scholar of composition, music ethnology, and Early Music at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1971, was involved in the dawn of Music & Sound Therapy exploring the healing effects of sound and music in therapy.